Where 2 Or 3 Are Gathered

As wonderful and amazing as social media and today's technology is--it will never take the place of getting together with friends and family.

I saw a commercial recently - from my memory, here is what I saw:

A young woman was walking alone down a sidewalk in a city street.  As she was walking, texting, looking at her cell phone, she walked past a huge glass store display window where a large family/friends gathering was going on in a home.  The people in the display were real people, moving, talking to one another, laughing, hugging, eating and everyone looked like they were enjoying themselves and having a great time.

The young woman on the sidewalk began to look at the gathering in the window and you could see that she was becoming interested, maybe desirous to be a part of what is going on in the window. Then, all of a sudden, one of the people in the display slid open the glass store front and beconed the young woman to come in.  You see that she hesitated a moment, then she stepped into the display and started to interact with the people in the display.  She seemed to be happy to do this.  It was a very powerful message that really impacted me.

It has been on my heart for many years, that it is really important to make the effort to get together in person with family, friends and brothers/sisters in the Lord.  Technology is great and when it is used properly, it can be a great tool to keep people connected, as well as an amazing, powerful tool to share the truths and love of our wonderful Lord.

Nothing can take the place of meeting with fellow believers for a sweet time of fellowship.  I find that in those times of fellowship, I can experience the sweet presence of the Lord that will stay with me long after everyone has gone home. We need one another. We need hugs and encouragement. We need to hold hands and pray and agree in the name of Jesus.  Matthew 18:20 says "Where 2 or 3 are gathered, there I am in the midst."  That scripture refers to more than just gathering together at church.  Anywhere that believers are together - including a wonderful time of dinner and fellowship, meeting for a cup of coffee, etc... He is there also.


Do you find that you desire more times of fellowship, but your schedule always seems to be filled up? Do you and your friends find yourselves passing on a regular basis, telling each other "Let's get together soon" - but it never seems to happen? Try this - pull out your calendar and start with blocking one or 2 blocks of time a month calling it "friend time".  It can be for whatever you want - an hour to meet a friend at Starbucks for cofee, a dinner for 8 at your home, brunch with family and friends at home, or meeting at a great restaurant.  If you block the time off, then you can call your friend(s) and set up the time with them to get together.  I find that if you plan a time and put it on your calendar that it is more likely to happen.


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